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The AXA digital color palette consists of 27 unique colors, grouped in 5 distinct usage bundles, each addressing a specific context. Currently the AXA Design System uses 4 out of 5 of these bundles. For further information on the full palette, please visit the Digital Guidelines.


Current Design System Colors

Below you will find the colors currently used in the developed elements in the AXA Design System and their usage.

blue-base #00008f

CTA - Primary color

blue-dark #000072

CTA - Active state

blue-light #4976ba


black #333333

Text - default (primary)

neutral-600 #999999

Text secondary Placeholder

neutral-500 #c9c9c9

Text - disabled line and icons

neutral-400 #d8d8d8

hover items-list

neutral-200 #eeeeee

Background disabled

red-base #f07662


red-dark #c91432

Error message

green-base #1cc54e

Success message

Colors accessibility

Accessibility on digital is something we highly value and our goal is to create inclusive digital products made for and consumable by all people. We are constantly working to evolve our assets to respect the accessibility guidelines.

Check colors accessibility

Check colors accessibility

Wondering if your design respects the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? This tool can be of help.

AXA Digital Guidelines

The AXA Digital Guidelines are a set of rules and advice on how to use the full range of design assets in your digital project.

AXA Digital Guideline - Color

AXA Digital Guideline - Color

Find rules and best practice on how to make the best of the full AXA design elements on digital.

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